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  Custom-designed rituals or procedures can be prepared specifically for you to use as tools that aid in the manifestation of material form and events. These rituals are usually created for proactive or positive offensive purposes, yet they sometimes are used for defensive or protective purposes.

The Spiritual Rituals are always custom-designed by Ray Holmes and are unique to your purpose for specific outcomes. In particular, the Spiritual Ritual can enable healing, success, protection, diet, meaningful relationships and more. The Spiritual Ritual is a tool to manipulate material form and events through the use of energy fields at certain levels to bring into physical reality that which is desired.

This personalized ritual contains specific instructions to follow so that the desired outcome is able to be achieved. When the instructions are followed precisely and the Spiritual Ritual is performed regularly, then the ritual is guaranteed to work for the positive and worthwhile purpose for which it was created. The desired outcome is always achieved through the assistance of the higher angels and is aided by your higher self.

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