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  As a part of the spiritual discovery process, an Astrology Chart is essential to understanding your personal inclinations. Ray Holmes, Solid Light founder and Meditational Interpreter, individually prepares each Astrology Chart. The astrology chart overviews your personal astrological probabilities based upon the time, place and date of your birth.

Ray Holmes views the planets as vortexes of energy that influence, not control, your life and reflect your initial inclinations and disinclinations. Unlike most astrological readings, Astrology Charts from Solid Light are prepared from this perspective and are designed to assist you in changing your life flow, if you so choose. They are not prepared to simply show you a "predetermined and uncontrollable" life flow that you must endure. Each individual Astrology Chart will provide information on your overall character, emotional disposition, mentality, affections, personality; and, other such information as planetary aspects of yourself, house cusps, elements, modalities and parallel aspects that are pertinent to your life flow. These professionally prepared and bound Astrology Charts, approximately 35-45 printed pages long, further explore issues regarding your career and finance, family and friends, romance and conflicts.

To order your complete Astrology Chart including your natal horoscope, please download, complete and print the Astrology Chart Order Form. Please make sure to provide all information requested on the form including your (and lover's/friend's, if desired) full name (no initials; including maiden and married), your birth date, your birth time and your birth place (city near birth place, if not a well-known place). Also, include your current mailing address, daytime and evening telephone numbers and a check in the correct amount (plus $3.95 for shipping in the U.S.) for the Astrology Chart you've ordered payable to Solid Light Enterprises. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your personal Astrology Chart to be completed and your Reading to be scheduled (if applicable). If you are unable to download the Astrology Chart Order Form, please call or email for further assistance.

Astrology Chart Order Form

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