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  About ProductsEnergized Gem StonesPower RodsPsychic SandPyramidsQuartz CrystalsVitamins   While some of the tools/products and services may appear conventional in form (or one-dimensional), they are, in fact, multi-dimensional manifestations. The proven results of our tested services and tools/products validate unprecedented effects--financially, mentally and spiritually--upon an individual's body, mind and spirit.

The design, preparation, construction, and implementation processes are all proprietary--and what makes Solid Light's tools/products unusual. The tools/products prepared by Solid Light are effective in every situation and can not be dispelled, as long as the instructions provided are followed. No stage of construction nor preparation is ever viewed or handled by any secondary party. Ray Holmes personally oversees the entire process from start to completion. Only completed tools/products that are assembled and operational are seen by any outside party.

Any attempt to X-ray, scan or disassemble a tool/product constructed by Solid Light will render the tool/product ineffective and useless. Even the patent drawings and the engineering "shop drawings" show only the assembly and
the shell.

Although Solid Light's tools/products demonstrate repeatable and conclusive effects upon material samples such as water, vegetation, meats and minerals; no rational investigatory methods nor conventional testing can explain the results. For instance, even though the rejuvenating and preserving effects of energy focused through the pyramid are apparent, testing by modern measuring devices is useless as the devices are not able to register the field of energies surrounding the pyramid and other tools/products. Additionally, ordinary electromagnetic fields have little or no effect on the tools/products, thereby making the effects on ordinary samples highly consistent without much variation upon repeated testing.

The many satisfied clients and purchasers of Solid Light's tools/products and services can attest to the consistent and effective results when utilized as instructed and intended.

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