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  About ProductsEnergized Gem StonesPower RodsPsychic SandPyramidsQuartz CrystalsVitamins   Atlantean-type Power Rods designed by Solid Light range in size from 8" to 40" long with a protruding quartz crystal point at one end. The Power Rod staff is mounted on a copper-plated base of metal alloy, customized with silver and/or gold. No two Power Rods are alike. Through a proprietary process, Ray Holmes fills each custom-designed Power Rod with a combination of materials, causing the emission of a particular vibratory energy to achieve the specific purpose or desired outcome.

Solid Light believes that this directed energy is effective at the cellular level for a variety of purposes and allows for certain molecular changes to take place in the body, mind or spirit, as may be the case in certain spontaneous remissions of disease and other healings. Prices for each custom-made Power Rod vary depending upon the size and materials used. To inquire about having a Power Rod made, please call or email us for more information.

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