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  About ProductsEnergized Gem StonesPower RodsPsychic SandPyramidsQuartz CrystalsVitamins   The pyramid is one of the most significant and powerful tools of the spiritual realm. Solid Light designs, builds and sells pyramids "specially tuned" to unlock and focus unlimited energy from the source of existence itself.

Ray Holmes has custom-designed Solid Light's pyramids to aid in the cleansing of your aura and to further emancipate you from inner and outer negative energies of known and unknown origins. Upon completion of the cleansing process, your electromagnetic field is then free to be enhanced or adjusted as needed. The individual thus becomes more than the sum total of his/her parts.

Solid Light's clients can choose from a range of pyramids from large, custom-designed pyramids to small portable pyramids of copper, glass, quartz crystal and other minerals. Call or email for prices and availability, due to
limited supply.

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