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  About ProductsEnergized Gem StonesPower RodsPsychic SandPyramidsQuartz CrystalsVitamins   Throughout history, gem stones have been sought out and revered for their natural beauty and immutable properties. Today, Solid Light's buyers are constantly searching around the world to find the finest gem stones of all varieties with special properties for healing, use in rituals and as
ornamental jewelry.

Solid Light offers a wide selection of unique gem stones. Some of the gem stones are in their natural state, while others are meticulously cut and polished to enhance their brilliance. Many of the gem stones are hand mounted by highly skilled craftspeople using only the highest quality materials in crafting the custom pieces. No two gem stones or pieces of jewelry are the same. Each and every gem stone is cleansed energetically and then re-energized to its highest and most beneficial natural energy pattern.

Pricing and descriptions of all types of gem stones and finished jewelry pieces are available. To inquire about the latest selections, please call or email us.

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