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  About ProductsEnergized Gem StonesPower RodsPsychic SandPyramidsQuartz CrystalsVitamins   Solid Light's offering of quartz crystals is painstakingly selected to bring you the finest crystals of all types from around the world. The crystals are carefully selected for their efficiency in attracting, conducting and amplifying essential energy for healing, meditation, protection and other strengthening rituals. We offer clear quartz crystals, smoky quartz, amethyst quartz, rose quartz, citrine quartz, "rare" blue quartz and other therapeutic minerals, subject to availability. These crystals are available in various shapes and sizes ranging from points, clusters, wands, balls and pyramids. Some of these crystals are set in hand-crafted mountings.

If none of the crystals below are what you're looking for, please call or email as we may have others available.

Natural Quartz Crystal Generators
Clear quartz, large points that have been cut and base polished. They are available in three different qualities: Fine Grade, "A" Grade and "B" Grade.

Natural Quartz Crystal Points
Clear, amethyst and citrine quartz points in their natural state. They are available in jewelry points, laser points, and natural points--both clear and frosty.

Spheres, Crystal Balls and Eggs in a Variety of Sizes and Stones
These are available in clear, clear with inclusions, smokey, rutilated (with lines), rose, and amethyst. Prices vary by stone, color, clarity, inclusions, rainbows, eyes and overall quality of the sphere(s).

Call or email us for prices of individual pieces or quantities.

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