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  Meditational Interpretation is the practice of meditating for a specific purpose(s) to download information presented in the form of symbols from the higher angels and/or from Jehovah, God, the owner of the universe.

Ray Holmes is one of the only known practitioners of this unusual meditational practice. He interprets the symbols received through meditation to make them meaningful and useful to you in all aspects of your life. The symbols that are received directly through meditation have no reference points in ordinary reality and to most people would be confusing, if not useless. Ray Holmes, as a Meditational Interpreter, understands and interprets the symbolic language of Jehovah and of the higher angels just as a linguist interprets written and spoken languages.

Meditational Interpretation is a part of the process of giving a complete Psychic Reading. This process is also used separately to address specific problems, to access limited information, to interpret dreams, etc.

Meditation Techniques
Learn how to meditate. Enroll in our meditation class and learn how to inspire creativity, clear your mind and relax.

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