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  Ray Holmes interfaces with the source of existence and/or the higher angels,
as necessary, to read a person's created position in this reality and other dimensions. Among other things, it is possible to provide information about your health, financial condition, career, specific life events, and/or the past/present/future.

Entering altered states of consciousness-- specifically the alpha state to
access energy(ies) from person(s) involved in the reading-- Ray Holmes obtains information necessary to evaluate the situation in the past/present/future continuum.

The information provided in a Psychic Reading by Ray Holmes is otherwise unavailable to the individual. Further, it requires highly developed skills and experience to interpret the symbolic nature of spiritual/psychic information. Weekly Psychic Readings and interpretation sessions can be provided on
an on-going basis through a monthly retainer starting at $400 US per month and up. Individual Psychic Readings can be arranged for $250 US for the
first 2 1/2 hour session and $250 US per hour for each session thereafter.

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