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Solid Light Enterprises, Inc. respects the privacy of every individual who visits We practice a firm commitment to the privacy and security of any personal information you may give us. Your personal information will only be used as it is suggested at the time it is collected and provided to us voluntarily by you.

Your Information

We collect personal information such as mailing address, telephone number, and email address so that we may contact you with information you request.

We may analyze the information you supply us for demographic or marketing data to improve our services to you.

Your personal information will not be sold or traded to an outside source. It will be kept private and confidential.

Your personal information will not be retained for longer than a period of 24 months. does not currently require any financial data, such as a credit card number. You will not need to provide this information to use this website.

We can tell what browser you are using and also what website brought you to We use this information: 1) to improve the ease of use of our website, or 2) to determine if you were referred by an advertisement we placed on another website.

Any Changes

Solid Light Enterprises, Inc. will promptly post any changes to this privacy policy or other related matters on If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or in general, please contact us at (301) 309-8999 and ask to speak with the webmaster.

Third Parties

Any third party companies listed on this website such as "MANNA Real Estate", “Sony" or "Studio7d" are trademarks of their companies. Any links to their websites within take you outside of the Solid Light website, and Solid Light Enterprises, Inc. is not responsible for their content or privacy practices.